It’s All About You! is a service designed in response to our seven years’ experience delivering housing support on behalf of Dumfries & Galloway Council in Dumfries, Nithsdale and Stranraer.  Our support may be delivered on a one to one appointment or in a group setting.  We have 173 years of experience between us, and 114 partnership to involve in getting the right support for you. 

It’s All About You! Is holistic and covers the following support areas:

Home maintenance:

  • Cleaning skills and organisation
  • Adapting your home
  • Pet management
  • Energy awareness and reduction
  • Neighbourhoods
  • Basic electrics
  • Basic plumbing
  • Basic decorating
  • Basic gardening

Financial management:

  • Benefit entitlement
  • Access to potential funding
  • Budgeting / money management
  • Debt advice
  • Financial abuse
  • Bank accounts
  • IT support


  • Develop skills to complete forms (literacy and numeracy)
  • Support to manage letters and mail
  • Finding motivation & organisation
  • Timekeeping & diary management
  • Improving cooking skills
  • Improving nutrition
  • Increasing exercise
  • Introducing self-management techniques
  • Travel training – how to get there in one piece.

Mental health:

  • ILS follow the social support model of mental health support which compliments if not replaces the medical model once developed.  Many of our peer support members have a metal health diagnosis, all have the capacity to self-management but just dent know where to start.   ILS can provide the emotional support required to use self-help information and develop wellness and safety plans.  We can support you to access appointments and maintain an independent relationship with your specialist support networks.

Physical health:

  • ILS is not a care provider, we support people to develop the skills required to live a thriving life.  We can help you address your housing needs and negotiate any adaptations your house may require.  We will support you to develop a wellness plan and provide self-help information. 

Substance misuse:

  • Many of our peer support members have a history of substance misuse. ILS will provide harm reduction advice, help you develop a safety plan for your physical and mental wellbeing.  We can help you access and maintain an independent relationship with your specialist services. 


  • ILS can support with current orders, support you at court appearances and support you to reduce your likelihood of future offending.  We can help you access and maintain an independent relationship with your specialist services. 

VEET (Volunteering, employment, education, training)/sustaining employment:

  • Nothing pleases us more at ILS than the sweet smell of success – preparing and building the confidence to move onto volunteering, employment, education or training.  ILS have a variety of free courses and modules with support for CV building, job applications, interview and IT skills.  If you are currently in employment, we have out of hours workers who will guide you as to the best course of action to maintain this.  Our group work, peer support groups and Peer Mentorship programme are a good way to practice socialising and reduce the anxieties associated with being around other people.