testimonials-ilsFeedback From Our Clients 

“ILS provides a good service; it has really helped me a lot I only hope people get help like me. I only wish people didn’t have to go through a crisis situation before you get the help. I wish ILS was like in Yellow Pages and then people could get this help before things get really bad”

“Fantastic service with friendly and supportive staff. Provided me with a wide range of support that would have struggled with on my own”

“I couldn’t have got through the last year without help and support from everybody at ILS. To go from a mess into employment was a lot easier with advice and support I didn‘t have in my social life. Thank you”

“I was suffering acute depression and ILS was really helpful, my memory is just coming back since the death of my wife”

“I am very happy with the service in general”

“I think the service is extremely helpful and resourceful and has helped me so much already and I don’t think there’s anything I could add to help more”

“Without your help we would have found it very difficult to make any progress. We are very grateful to ILS for all the help they gave us”

“Invaluable help and support given when asked. Made the whole homeless situation a lot easier. Would recommend to all”

“All staff were very helpful and I wouldn’t be here now if it wasn’t for my support worker and other staff”

“They made me feel relaxed and confident about finding a new house”

“My support worker was always happy and confident with me and managed to sort out all our problems at the beginning of my house search. Very helpful”

I would recommend ILS “because we need people like you to help us all”

“ILS have been really helpful with helping and get back on my feet. They are very patient and care a lot about me and my children. ILS has always managed to find a way round things which has proven difficult”

“ILS has been a great support and help these past weeks. They give great advice and we can have a laugh and it cheers me up”

“Your work is perfect. Nothing to comment”

“I found the service to be very, very good, I’d go homeless again”

“When I didn’t know where to go, ILS really helped me get on my feet”

“Was very nervous when I first got an appointment here but the staff are brand new”


“I felt the support from ILS helped me a lot and don’t know where I would be without the help. Strongly recommended”

“Frankly without their assistance I would have buried in forms I didn’t understand and would probably be dead by now”

“I think ILS were very professional and forthcoming in everything they said they would do, and they achieved this. I am now settled into my accommodation and feel secure, my power supplier has helped me due to ILS phoning them and asking them to send me a new key which I got and to make sure there were no debt left from previous tenants. ILS also helped me secure my starter pack and also a hoover and a washing machine. I couldn’t have done all this without them, they were very helpful and done everything for me”

“I think ILS has been a great help I’ve had a lot of great support from the service. Have no negative comments”

“My support has been a great help and support over these past weeks she is a real star. She has been a great listener and been helping me sort things out that I need help with as I’m in the process of moving into my own place as well as helping me with other stuff too. Since having my support from ILS worker things have been better for me and the support I’m receiving has been helping me so much and I know it will more, once I have moved into my new place”

“I’m very pleased, they support me, listen to me and not just like a worker but more like a person with a golden heart. ILS is doing a great job and she helped me a lot. Thank you”

“ILS was brilliant support to me through a hard time”

“ILS is a very good service especially with people like myself having mental health and physical health problems, I would highly recommend them to others. Thank you”

“ILS has been really helpful to me”

“The service I received was excellent. Thank you very much”

“My help from ILS has been absolutely brilliant. Finally, my head is financially above water. My ILS worker has been fantastic. The help I have received in all facts of life has helped”

“I really like my support worker she is the type of person who would do anything for you”

“Thanks ILS. You’re a star”

“Hey thanks so much for doing what you do – and everything else. You’re a god-send”

“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I would not have got his far if you hadn’t worked so hard for me”

“Thanks to you I have turned a negative into a positive; phoned befriending from the leaflet you gave me at CAB – they were so nice and said they will call me back. Thank you”

“Thanks for everything – your kindness and support”

“I was very stressed out after the break-up of my old relationship and having to move to keep myself and my children safe. ILS helped me to make my Community Care Grant application, organize my removal truck and so many other things too. Could not of done this coming move without so much help”

“ILS was very helpful. Did a lot of things they didn’t need to”

“I have enjoyed working with ILS very much, she is a very good ILS worker. She has pointed me in the right direction with a lot of my problems. I am very grateful for everything they have helped me with. I hope that I can take all that I ‘ve learned and use it in the future”

“I feel ILS helped me with my tenancy issues and found the support invaluable as I couldn’t have done this myself”

“Thanks for all your help and support with PIP appeal, it’s very much appreciated”

“ILS is a vital service and there is no other alternative to replace this much needed help they offer. I personally was diagnosed with terminal cancer that left me housebound. Prior to involvement with ILS I had an insular life and could go weeks/months without any human contact. It’s an amazing feeling being able to trust someone to come into your own home. Due to the insular lifestyle I was facing eviction and I had no life/friends (I’d given up on life) and then ILS came into my life and changed a very negative situation into a positive livable life”

“I think ILS provide a great service – you need to keep doing what you are doing”

“I can’t say anymore thanks to ILS who went out of their way to help me”

“I have moved from actively surviving to actively thriving due to the support from ILS”

“I have found ILS very helpful and have been great to deal with. I’ve had no problems with them”

“I would still like the support if I need it for something important please. Thank you”

“Great support”

“Me and my daughter are extremely grateful for everything you have done. I could cry. Thanks very much”.

“I had the most amazing support from my support worker. Thank you for all the help”

“Council should give support workers more power cause they work very hard plus they know us better than anybody else. Thank you very much for the excellent work and support”

“I feel ILS is very helpful and if it were not for people like you all, where would we be. You do a good job”

“Thanks for going above and beyond your support duties”

“First of all thank you for always being my best supporter and being there for me when I call you and need someone to just listen. Thank you for not judging me for my sometimes poor decision making skills and being brutally honest with me. Thank you for being the best wing woman a girl could ever ask for”

“It can be hard claiming benefits and keeping on top of it and feeling independent and unashamed whilst doing it. I was never told what to do, just guided into making better choices”

“The service was good and really helped me and my family. I really needed the support and was glad we had it”

“I came to ILS looking for support which I have received and am grateful for….down to earth, intelligent and happy to help”

“It’s been a while since I had my own tenancy and I feel like I’m ready now”

“ILS listened no problem and helped me organize jumbled thoughts into actual sentences”

“I feel my privacy was respected”

“ILS found my flat for me, if it wasn’t for her support I don’t know where I would be”

“Thank you for all your support you’re like a super Gran! Thank you so much”

“Brilliant with their clients, have done a power and I’m excited”

“No complaints”

“I was treated very well, excellent”

“Helped by good advice etc.”

“I trusted ILS”

“Every week in my new home, I feel more comfortable”

“ILS helped me through a difficult time, supporting me from hospital into a new property”

“I feel my experiences with ILS have been positive”

“ILS would encourage me to make calls and such”

“I feel more independent and on top of things and able to remember things without getting anxious”

“Staff are very knowledgeable and competent and very helpful. I would have struggled without the support”

“I am very happy with the help and support form ILS which has helped me 100%”

“ILS will be the first port of call if struggling with housing”

“You guys are doing a brilliant job”

“Very happy for the help, thank you”

“Everything good ILS made everything better – always there for us”



“Very good at talking through my problems and offering different solutions”

“Support worker if very knowledgeable”

“Excellent, great quality of support, very helpful”

“A lot has changed for me in the short space of time that ILS have been assisting me and all good”

“Didn’t know this service was available but has definitely changed my outlook and would recommend this service”

“I have full confidence in all the staff at ILS”

“The support we have received has been outstanding”

“Things are slowly and progressively getting better”

“Everything about ILS is outstanding and the staff are fantastic”

“Excellent services, has helped me move forward as a lone tenant”

“Has helped me with various grants, forms and eligibility”

“My arrears are down, I am more on top of things in general and all around feel better”

“Staff were very knowledgably and helpful”

“Provided great financial and emotional support”

“All support has been effective, polite and friendly. Had a great rapport with staff”

“Treated me with respect a lot”

“Always gave me the best advice”

“Easy to talk to and always accepted my decision”

“Couldn’t of asked for 2 other workers that showed me what life’s all about and couldn’t ask for any better with respect and very good advice”

“They showed me that I am worth more than I feel I am”

“ILS staff have helped me out with my house, Doctors, Job Centre and remembering appointments. The service you provide is excellent and helpful”

“I am very grateful for all your help along the hard parts from getting out of prison”

Improvements? “No, just a bit longer support but I know it’s there if I need it”

“The help to move and home contents funds were amazing. Not knowing when they were happening did cause me some issues.”

“I did feel I wasn’t judged about my health and personal issues and respected”


“I have great confidence in ILS and with staff members. Best help I have ever had”

“The support I have had from ILS and staff has been brilliantly good”

“Big thank you to ILS and staff couldn’t have got better help elsewhere”

“ILS was very confident in their work and provided me with a clear plan to move forward”

“ILS were very kind and considerate and showed me compassion at a time I was very vulnerable”

“I have achieved my goal of being housed which I am very pleased with”

“I would highly rate……so helpful and supportive”

“ILS is one of the best support groups available. I couldn’t have got where I am without all the staff”

“My life has improved 90% with all the support I have received”

“Having someone to help me through the tough times; offering to assist at court, appointments etc”

“All the staff have been great”

“Very good. 100% satisfied”

“The service I received was excellent. I was helped with all aspects of my day to day living”

“The staff are very friendly and always available when needed”

“I now have a social landlord property which I love and am better off financially”

“I feel ILS is very organic”

“I am very happy with the service provided”

“I think the service I received was brilliant and I am so pleased”

“Wouldn’t have got my house/household furniture and knowing I have someone to talk to”

“Nothing I can think of or suggest” to improve the ILS service

“Good team”

“Without support of ILS through homeless I would have struggled majorly”

“The support from ILS was top class, the lengthy process of homelessness and charges for rent when wanting to work, was frustrating”

“The belief that support is available was important and not to worry too much”

“Always friendly and accommodating”

“Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and guidance over the last few months, and to all at ILS”